Honey Folk 2022

Music Performances

Adam Beattie


Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist Adam Beattie has become a celebrated musician of the London scene. He has been active since 2003 and has released 5 albums of his own songs. Having roots in Scottish folk music, as well as a lifelong interest in old time jazz, blues and other folk styles, his music spans many genres, but is all held together by Adam’s distinctive voice and narrative lyrics.

The Odd Beats


Multinational hip shimmying gypsy folk and psychedelia from far-away lands.

This Bosporus-straddling blend of Turkish folk and irresistible Balkan dance beats comes with sinuous hints of Greek Rebetiko amongst other tasty world music flavours.

Lenny No Strings


Local Legend



Baraka is a unique combination of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, Trinidad, Dominica and Ireland. Each musician contributes his individual sound and style – Reggae featuring a Kora and Djembe, Township with a Calypso bassline, Hilife with Blues Harmonica, Soca with Balafon and Flute. Baraka features musical collaborations that you are unlikely to hear with any other band, and is also unique in being one of the few bands to have African and Caribbean musicians working together. The result is a heady mix of global beats, intricate rhythms and soaring melodies.



Troyka have created their own unique sound-world, colliding fast and furious Balkan, Eastern European and Mid Eastern rhythms with haunting vocal melodies.

3 Daft Monkeys


With a fiery helter-skelter blend of influences from East and West, 3 Daft Monkeys inject a unique wildness into their music, producing a symphonious cacophony of styles, Silvery vocal melodies soar above percussive global beats and rhythms, while passionate fiddle-driven tunes weave around animated guitar and bass, all presented with outstanding musicianship in their famously theatrical live performances.

Alex Roberts


To say that Alex has many strings to his bow would be a metaphor forgiven for the fact that it helps to conjure his presence as a musical magician, in which any number of guitars seamlessly pop into set, beautifully played and adored. Almost totemic, each wood and strings take their part, whether it’s the finger-style acoustic guitar, lap-steel playing, or the Bouzouki, Alex plays with a sincerity borne of years of graft, craft, and a man who seems to straddle multiple time boundaries.

Fly Yeti Fly


With their own unique flavour of delicate-but-distinctive folk, Fly Yeti Fly are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Blending sensitive vocal harmonies with intricate guitar arrangements, mandolin and harmonica, and with a warmth of spirit that radiates from the stage, the Wiltshire-based duo weave songs and stories about connection, community and the seasons, with a sound that is reminiscent of the late-’60s folk scene. Now living on their canal boat on the Kennet & Avon, their music is heavily influenced by the ebb and flow of life on the water.

Celtic Roots Collective


CRC play an up-beat mix of traditional pub songs and tunes with an Irish/Celtic/Folk Roots vibe. They play all your favourite songs you already knew, but just didn’t realise… Influenced by their folk-roots heroes such as the likes of Dubliners & the Pogues. CRC play traditional pub favourites but present them in their own inimitable, infectious foot stomping way, bringing them up to date, & exciting the audiences as they go, often resulting in spontaneous table tapping, singing, shouting …and dancing!!

Whistling Treason


Dubplate Folk. IndoFranglais, DIY, folk, world, roots, dub, soundsystem-trad from Wessex. Sometimes loud, sometimes acoustic, always wyrd.
As guitarist with RSVP Bhangra and Malarchy, Kris Whistling Treason has played countless major festivals across Britain and Europe, including Glastonbury & Womad, and this is his solo act.

What started out as a strictly folk project has expanded wildly, to incorporate tunes from around the world, original compositions, and a whole lot of dub.



RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra in the UK, opening doors for other artists, and introducing Bhangra to mainstream audiences for the first time.
From massive stages at Glastonbury (10 years) and Womad (3years) to winning a UK Bhangra Award in 2021, they’re always guaranteed to get even the most reluctant on their feet, and leave audiences breathless with excitement. Every show comes with an introduction to Bhangra dance – everyone’s included with RSVP’s emphasis on partying Punjabi style. With musicians drawn from two generations of one family, RSVP are wholly rooted in an authentic living tradition, yet unafraid to innovate. This is the ultimate celebratory Indian music.

Boot Hill All Stars


If you like your banjo music, fast, filthy and with more than a little cleavage, then look no further Brethren. The Boot Hill All Star show promises songs of tequila fuelled evenings, dubious morals and twisted family values.

Luna Barge


LunaBarge are armed with banjo, guitar, ukulele, 2 voices and a stomp box – all frolicking like a couple of critters on a swamp. They bring you their folk-inspired ear worms in hope that they will bring out your very best foot taps, slow head nods and beard strokes (if you should happen to possess a beard). 

Nasty Fish Monger


Fishy festival folk from Bristol



Live act – Guitar, Fiddle & Harmony Vocals. Popular covers, classic favourites, originals & foot stomping folk tunes. Based South West UK Dorset/Somerset. Duo or optional trio with keyboards or bass & drum.

The Devil’s Prefects


The Devil’s Prefects started out as a side project for two of the guys from ‘festival favourites’ Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs and, again, this is a character comedy act. It is a country music (don’t stop reading yet!) comedy duo: “They do for country music what Scooby Doo did for paranormal investigation.” is a quote that seems to sum them up.

Activities and Stalls


The BearCat Collective Craft and Swap Shop

Tin Tapping

Chaotic Rainbow Crafts

Hillary (Hilly) Thompson trades as Chaotic Rainbow Crafts.

I design and build then kiln fire dichroic glass which is then made into pieces of jewellery. Each one is unique, so no two will ever be the same so you can be sure you are wearing something that is a complete one-off! Dichroic glass displays multiple colours depending on the light, like petrol in a puddle! Full of quartz crystals and metal oxides It flashes and glows and catches the eye immediately. Chokers, pendant necklaces, earrings, hair decorations. Made on my canal boat ‘Peyote’.

FB Chaotic Rainbow Crafts email: hippywitch@chaoticrainbow.com 07970422276

There Is No Spoon Sculptures

All hand crafted from up cycled cutlery and utensils. Built to last using only stainless steel.